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Donots hail from Hamburg way. If the antics on display in the DVD ‘extras’ section of their single ‘We Got The Noise’ are anything to go by then they’re also a bunch of morons just marginally more interesting than every other boy-rock band.

Then again, who gives a toss right? You don’t complain about Busted’s vacant stares when you’re screamin’ “Air Hostess. I like the way you dress” at 95mph down the motorway …. do you?

gotnoise.jpg3 starsGot The Noise

(0% native)
Noisy party rock. Standout tracks : We Got the Noise, It’s Over

There are some great catchy tunes on this album and if I’m honest their English is a cut above the usual dodgy phrasing many German bands suffer from. To be played loud in the garden. With beer.


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