Luminaire takes its music seriously. Signs inform punters that speaking during songs will elicit a swift ‘shut up’. It’s the only venue I know where people rush for a chat as well as the toilet during breaks. So just the sort of place to see soft and sensitive souls The Concretes showcase new abum “Hey Troubl” then? Alas, with new singer (and former drummer) Lisa Milberg up front, the Concretes got off to a lacklustre start in Luminaire’s hushed atmosphere. Eventually getting to clap-alongs such as new single “Oh Boy” and “You Can’t Hurry Love” pleased a grateful crowd, but ultimately the seven-piece achieved the odd combination of not taking themselves too seriously while remaining steadfastly dull. Fulfilling all the Swedish cliches and looking as if designed by a teenager with a copy of Razzle, the stunning Milberg seemed more interested in her hair than engaging with the audience. Perhaps it was nerves brought on by the scary signs?


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