The Litigation Machine Has Landed

Many moons ago I described SCO as a free falling litigation machine.



Well, the thump has now been heard around the world.


As I said back in my 2004 piece, it’s the employees of SCO I feel sorry for. Taken on a hellish helter-skelter ride by a management determined to bank everything on a dodgy premise.

I hope they get looked after . . . somehow.

UPDATE: the incomparable Pamela Jones at groklaw identifies SCO’s top #20 creditors. Numbers #1 and #2 on the list are law firms. Looks like some folks will get looked after.


3 Responses to “The Litigation Machine Has Landed”
  1. I suppose you could feel sorry for the employees, but it’s not like they didn’t know the nature of the organisation they were working for. I don’t know what the chances were of finding other jobs in Lindon for the last few years, but normally there comes a point that you leave an organisation if you really feel they’re heading down the wrong path. (Nothing to do with me leaving Novell, no siree!)

  2. pcoletti says:

    A harsh assessment I’d say. . . what about those Novell guys who left to late ’95 to work on Unixware . . ? Surely they had no idea they were joining a patent troll?

  3. I suppose it is a bit harsh, but look at Novell. Robert Love went to Google, following the footsteps of Jeremy Allison. I know that Allison left due to the MSFT deal, not too sure about Love, but I understand there are others looking at doing the same, they’re just waiting to see if Novell get any more ‘evil’. Maybe the ones that stayed with SCO just couldn’t get work elsewhere (Lindin isn’t exactly a huge metropolis, IIRC).

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