Blog Problems

Unfortunately, while in deepest Queensland my blog has decided to order posts in a bizarre way. Use the ‘Recently Written’ section on the left for the most recent posts.

If you’re from the geek fraternity and are into WordPress there’s a description of the problem here. All tips gratefully received.


2 Responses to “Blog Problems”
  1. Alex says:

    Lots of people has this problem at WordPress support … must be some common mistake in WordPress.

  2. pcoletti says:

    Well, I upgraded the whole shebang to WP 2.3.2 (it took me fuh-eva because I couldn’t get FTP past the firewall so had to manually upload the files using a web-based explorer tool . . eugh!) and the problem described above is now gone . . .now if only I could fix that right-sidebar display problem . .

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