Thanks to a shut M11 Hamfatter arrived at the dingy Metro with about 30 minutes to spare — just enough time to watch the previous act stick the mike down their throat and bellow out a good dose of power rock. It’s tough turning up late with no time for even a rudimentary soundcheck, I guess it’s doubly galling to come onstage to find the lead singer of The Fullerton’s saliva all over your mike.

Tastefulness and good sense however, doesn’t just apply to Hamfatter’s music. Having possibly more to do with ‘persuasion’ from the club’s management rather than a desire not to inflict lengthy setup twanging on the now growing audience, Hamfatter frontman and all-round nice geezer Eoin O’Mahony simply got stuck straight in.

Dodgy sound sound meant inaudible vocals and alas, the Cambridge 6-piece’s pop-laden, wistful tales of lovelorn couples, lust and nights on the bevvy in provincial England were largely lost in the wind. Wonderful sounds courtesy of Hamfatter add-ons The Horns of Contention did however, cut through the mush to deliver some lovely, layered backing. Altogether not a great night for them but listening to brilliantly-titled new album “What part of Hamfatter do you not understand?“ back at base, brought home just how much potential had been unrealised.


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