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December 5, 2008 | 1 Comment

Gawking at celebs is a national pastime in London. An occasional series updated whenever I spot a celebrity in London and If I ever get a phone from this millenium then I’ll post pics here too . . . unless of course the 3AM girls demand an exclusive.

Chris Evans, 4th December 2008:

Being driven westwards down Great Smith Street in a cobalt Ferrari with the reg ‘1 FAB’ by a man plainly not unfamiliar with the concepts of pies. The former Big Breakfast star looked cool chatting on his phone while the bright winter sunshine lit him up like a Christmas tree. I wish I knew more about cars so I could tell you what the model was but suffice to say it was very tasty.

Ronnie Wood, 24th September 2008:

It’s been a while since I updated this post even though in the past year I’ve sighted Richard E. Grant and not a few minor UK-soap actoresses. Lame stuff I know (apart from Richard Grant of course) so no update but today was an A+ encounter.

Joe’s Salt Beef cafe on Thayer Street is a great caf and the place to go if you like salt beef with gherkins and mustard so hot it leaves your sinuses begging for mercy. I was enjoying the food when in walked Ron and a bunch of mates. Contrary to popular reports and the July entry on his own website, he didn’t look like a man in rehab. Settling down right at the next table and looking trimmer than a starved whippet he tucked into his cappucino and was plainly in good spirits as he joked with his mates. Keep on rollin’ Ron.

Chris Eubank, 24th August 2007:
Driving down Brook street past Claridges in his huge juggernaut cab tooting his horn and grinning at everyone who looked up. This is the second time I’ve seen this behemoth . . . does he drive it because it’s unclampable? Anyway, Chris parked up (quite expertly considering) got out and had his pic taken with a few people before climbing back in and driving off down Bond Street. The purpose of this fleeting visit? Haven’t a scooby . . . . . suggestions please. I could still hear the horn in the distance twenty minutes later. Must be tough driving that thing in and out of Brighton.

Michael Palin, 25th September 2007:

Walking along the south Bank heading north to the Waterloo bridge steps over the BFI. The former Python and now professional globetrottoer had that unkempt-but-fashionable look that celebs seem to do so well.


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  1. Herr Dev on September 27, 2008 7:11 pm

    This week I’ve been spotting Dave Mackay (Hearts, Spurs, Derby and Scotland), one of the Proclaimer twins AND Sir Ming Campbell, ball within half a mile of my gaff. So there.

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