Brian Stelter of the NY Times writes about how he tweeted/reported/uploaded the story of Joplin’s tornado.

What the immeasurably modest Mr stelter doesn’t record is that at 0100 Joplin time on the morning of Tuesday 24th (0700 BST) I was sitting in Bush House in London and saw his tweets live and e-Mailed him asking him if he’d like to do a quick phoner with BBC World Service.  I knew he was awake because tweets uploaded ‘1 minute ago’ aren’t the work of sleepwalkers. Brian was about to fly out of Missouri so without delay I got Brian to record a short piece looking down Joplin’s Main St and it was powerful and evocative. . . so good in fact that at the suggestion of my editor I sequenced Brian’s reporting into a 2.5 minute montage of the whole Torando scariness. you can hear that montage here:

The last two voices in the montage are Brian’s and it was a great end to the montage.

Thanks for your tweets Brian.


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