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Superpunk aren’t really a punk band. They hail from Hamburg and have been around for over 10 years now and I doubt you’d ever see a pogoing, self-mutilating, ASBO-case gobbing lager at everyone at any of their gigs.

superpunk.jpg2 starsEinmal Superpunk Bitte

(100% One Superpunk Please)

The nicest punks you’ll ever meet. Ska inspired jangly retro-rock. Standout tracks: Ich Weigere Mich, Aufzugeben (I’ll never give in).

They’re basically a fun ska band who, with their horns and sleazy organs remind me more than anything else those one-hit-Brit-wonders the Boo Radleys with a bit of Australia’s Area 7 mixed in for good measure. Unlike those nutters from Down Under, Superpunk, for me, sound pretty good but lack any real edge.

This, their third album, has caused a massive outbreak of promiscuous 5-star doling on the German Amazon site (could that be a case of Mutti power?). With their alternate, self-imposed moniker of ‘The Top Old Boys’ — also the title of their own signature instrumental ‘theme’ — you might think you were getting a slice of Madness-inspired, acerbic songwriting: nasty, British and short. Alas, Superpunk are nice, German and laboured with harmonies and twee vocals dumping them firmly in the ‘cloying’ category although that’s not to say they can’t rock out now and again like on ‘Zeit Der Eisernen Hand’ (The Time of the Iron Hand).


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