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Turbostaat are a four piece originally from Husum way up north in Germany and formed in 1999 from the remnants of a bunch of other punk bands in the area. They remind me a lot of The Fall or better, AFI: they’ve got the pounding, moody, downtuned guitars so beloved of the California punkers (what pandora.com insists on calling ‘minor key tonality’) but with a noticeably more upbeat, melodic style. Vocalist Jan is way less angsty in his delivery and lyrics than most other bands of this ilk.

tstaat.jpg3 starsSchwan

(Swan, 100% native)

Raw and uninhibited. This is Germ-o-punk to challenge the rockers of the US and the world. Standout tracks : ‘Monstermutter’, ‘Eine Stadt sucht ihren Mörder’ (A Town Looking For its Killer), ‘Prima Wetter’.

The opening track of Schwan (their second album), ‘Eine Stadt sucht ihren Mörder’, is reminiscent of AFI’s ‘Bleed Black’ — which is pretty spooky seeing as Schwan and Sing the Sorrow were both released in the same year I think. Anyway, with the rise of all things Kraut-pop who’s to say it wasn’t AFI who subconsciously overheard a Turbostaat track or two and not the other way round?


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