Rent or Buy?

April 30, 2007 | Leave a Comment

I had a conversation with my neighbour on Sunday across the back garden wall. It went like this.

Neighbour: “Did Will and Carols’ Mum and Dad give Ana the house?”

Me: “No they rented it to Ana.”

Neighbour: “So are you renting or buying? ”

Me: “We all rent?”

Neighbour with nose screwed in exaggerated displeasure: “Why rent?”

Me: “Well . . .”

Neighbour: “Surely buying is better?”

Members of London’s metropolitain elites will recognise this as just a normal run-of-the-mill, classically middle-class conversation endured by thousands on a daily basis and parodied mercilessly by Irvine Welsh in just about every piece of writing he does these days.

My neighbour is eight-years-old.

I jest not. She’s a very bright and incredibly curious eight-year-old but man that’s some chat for someone who barely knows what the word tenancy means. Anyway, after that the conversation swifly moved on to Rainbow Skippers and their various types.


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