To those who say that the BBC Panorama investigation into FIFA is to blame for England losing the World Cup in 2018 I say Whoa!!

Speaking as a BBC journalist I am of course biased, but shouldn’t it be the case that a well-researched and very watchable investigation into FIFA bribery is an excellent indication of the free speech and depth of journalistic talent that the UK posesses?

If indeed Sepp Blatter’s executive committee feel that a probe into their tactics by the BBC is reason enough to biff England’s bid then this only reinforces the case that Panorama was making in the first place.

It comes down to one simple choice: do you want a country where journalists roam free to write what they want while the public makes its own mind up as to the veracity of their claims . . . or do you want a place where when the Prime Minister says frog the press all jump?

Now where might one find such a place . . .  I wonder?


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