I always wondered what that guy who turned down the Beatles is doing now?  Legend has it he scribbled down “Guitar bands aren’t where it’s at” before disappearing off into a career in Mickey Ds. Kraut-rock on acid blurring the lines between on-stage tune ups, occasional grunting and and any normal recognisable song start indicators aren’t where it’s at” isn’t as snappy, but it certainly sprang to mind at the New to Q Sessions as soon as I set ears on Egyptian Hip Hop, Manchester’s freshest export that’s about as far from mono-browed dad-rock as you can get.

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The four-piece took the night’s opportunity to push the boundaries a little more than their relatively easy-listening Myspace selection already does. “What!” I hear you cry, “More experimental than Harmonica on extra-strength Sauerkraut?” But stick around seriously, there’s the seed of something fresh and original lurking here, something a little bit more than the guitars n’ bleeps of last year; it was just damn hard to hear it amongst the joby sound and live posturing. I normally sound like my Dad when I complain about not being able to discern lyrics but tonight at Bush Hall it was pretty much instrumental all the way unless you count the guttural croaking.

I”m full of admiration for them, don’t get me wrong, in today’s world of 3-minute pop pills and over-produced rap Egyptian Hip Hop (they are too cool to explain the name – which is exactly how it should be) this band are genuinely brave. Let’s face it, 5-minute keyboard solos must make pulling chicks a bloody nightmare.



But is the joke on us? I can’t help but wonder if the lads piled into their van after the show, and, after reaching out-of-earshot distance from NME’s offices and so-worried-they’ll-miss-the-next-big-thing London music snobs, did perhaps someone break the post-gig elation silence with a cracked smile and a Manc accent thicker than elephant’s spunk: “Looks like we got away with it again”? Cue high fives all round on the M6. If I’m wrong then sod it – bring on the burgers.


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