The Johnston humour

Just returned to my desk from a rousing homecoming speech by BBC reporter and former kidnap victim Alan Johnston. Standing on the steps at the rear of Bush House’s car park AJ described himself as “walking on air” and offered up a few anecdotes about his 113 days inside a dingy flat in Gaza.

The explosive belt they made him wear was the real deal and although it lacked a detonator it did have a prominent ON/OFF switch which, Alan remarked with remarkable composure, the kidnappers took delight in flicking after each take . . . man those crazy Jihadis . . . what guys, what laughs!!

Welcome home Alan.


One Response to “The Johnston humour”
  1. Veronica says:

    Oh how we all laughed at those whacky Jihadis, good grief.

    Best wishes to you Alan, miss your reports but don’t come back sooner than you should, take care of yourself.

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