RIP Marie Colvin

February 22, 2012 | Leave a Comment

Reports coming in within the past hour suggest journalists Marie Colvin and  Remi Ochlik have been killed. This comes a day or so after citizen journo Rami al Sayed met his death from Syrian shelling. Like many media folks I tried several times to get hold of Marie over the past few days but comms were difficult, she sent this reply on Monday 20th:

“I’m back in Baba Amr, and the email and skype are working again, Thuraya is up and down. Would be happy to do a phoner any time this week. The latest is that the Syrian troops appear to be massing for a ground assault, although that has been the rumour for  days. They have attempted several forays and been driven back. Shelling and sniping daily. Sickening what they are getting away with. Although the freezing cold is what is now preoccupying me! Is the BBC sending anyone in? I thought Paul Wood did a great job when he was here.”


William Hague’s tribute:

"I am deeply saddened and shocked by the tragic news that Marie Colvin and French photographer Remi Ochlik
 have been killed while reporting, with great bravery, from Homs in Syria. I offer my heartfelt condolences
 to their families, friends and colleagues as they face this devastating loss. 

"Marie Colvin embodied the highest values of journalism throughout her long and distinguished career as
 a foreign correspondent for the Sunday Times. For years she shined a light on stories that others could
 not and placed herself in the most dangerous environments to do so, including suffering injuries while
reporting in Sri Lanka. She was utterly dedicated to her work, admired by all of us who encountered her,
 and respected and revered by her peers.  Her tragic death is a terrible reminder of the risks that
 journalists take to report the truth. 

"It is also a terrible reminder of the suffering of the Syrian people - scores of whom are dying
 every day. Marie and Remi died bringing us the truth about what is happening to the people of Homs.
 Governments around the world have the responsibility to act upon that truth - and to redouble our
 efforts to stop the Assad regime's despicable campaign of terror in Syria."





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