The Wolfson Prize shortlist was announced today.

11-year-old Jurre Hermans’ entry for the Prize got a special mention & contains the following instructions to be carried out in the event of a Greek citizen trying to change his Euros for something worth more than a drachma (like perhaps the Malian centime):

So if a Greek man tries to keep his Euros(or bring his euros to a bank in
an other country like Holland or Germany) and it is
discovered, he gets a penalty just as high or double
as the whole amount in euros he tried to hide!!!

I acknowledge Master Herman’s erudition (especially in a second language) and salute his courage to enter the competition, but is it a sign of the times when a young lad from the most live-and-let-live liberal society yet known to man starts getting busy with the authoritarian diktats?

If my government had destroyed my country’s economy through decades of easy life spending then I’d be doing everything I could to try and preserve what tiny bit of value I still had.

The Greeks better start getting their affairs in order now . . they have exactly 7 years until young Jurre is old enough to become an MEP.





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