It’s always nice when a comment points you to something you’d otherwise have missed. Al Dorman’s rather acerbic post here took me on a search across the ocean to a publication called Texas Monthly which has published one of the best examinations of the whole Killian memos/Rathergate debacle I’ve yet seen by Joe Hagan. Read it all here.

It’s a long article so if you’ve not the time then the upshot is:

— the Killian memos were dodgier than a 6 pound note

— there are holes in Dubya’s wartime record.

This latter point is something not even the staunchest Republican would deny and one day we’ll know where George W. Bush spent those missing flight hours. I suspect the answer involves a drink or two, his secret service codename was ‘tumbler’ after all. One other thing I took away from this article, as I pointed out in 2007, Dan is still bitter . . . very bitter and is planning more coal-raking in a forthcoming memoir.


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