I like reading John Pilger. There’s no denying he’s a big name columnist and when he appeared on World Have Your Say last year it was a big thrill. When the New Statesman comes round every week I always check to see if the Pilge is in there and turn to his column. You don’t have to agree with someone’s politics to enjoy a well-written polemic and JP used to be the best. Alas, with this week’s attack on yet another BBC journo (here’s John last year having a go at Jeremy Paxman, Evan Davis and others for going to the bi-annual piss-up that is the BAP) he’s starting to sound like a stuck record. Poor old Justin Webb gets it in the neck for using the term ‘dizzying’ to describe the US election campaigns, this is evidence, according to Pilger, of Justin Webb’s collusion in the vast BushHitlerHalliburton-conspiracy that runs the world. Justin Webb then gets another kicking for suggesting that president Bush runs the world . . . a view espoused by none other than . . . John Pilger.


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