The following review appears in the latest edition of London’s premier music ‘zine, London Tour Dates

You can tell when Mishka Adams likes a song. A dire cover of Air’s ‘All I Need’ was smilelessly sung through clenched teeth while Pat Metheny’s ‘The Moon is a Harsh Mistress ‘ was a real joy, sung with gusto and heart. Problem was there wasn’t enough of the latter.

The very stunning and half Fillipino Adams sings some beautiful compositions – check out the lovely ‘Space’ from new album of the same name –all delivered in the ‘smoky’ style so beloved of PR folks, but the general vibe was so restrained it seemed almost horizontal. Overly long solos from assorted band members including – quite daringly — the drummer, didn’t help much.

A morbid Scandinavian cover tested audience loyalty that bit further and indicated the low-key motif was to be carried right to the end with Adams even gmishka-adams-a.jpgoing so far as to recommend that her final song would send you to sleep ‘in a good way’ – a bit of banter missed by the two blokes sitting behind me who’d been in snoozeville for the whole show. Perhaps it was the booze?

Deliberately underplaying your talents may be the modern jazz world’s idea of cool but I longed for Mishka Adams to let rip just a little bit. Does this 23-year-old’s gentle exterior conceal the next iron-lunged Phoebe Snow? I’d love to hear her get to grips with something like ‘At Last’ — she’s certainly got the skills.


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