News via the Spectator reaches me of an unlikely speech by the Respect MP George Galloway at a Glasgow town hall meeting entitled ‘Just Say Naw’.

When hard left Scottish MPs representing northern-English towns and David Cameron find themselves on the same side of any argument it’s pause for thought. On a topic as emotional as Scotland’s independence it’s a sign that things in the coming referendum campaign can and will get a little bizarre.

If I understand the points made by Alex Massie then it seems George thinks his message of class warfare would be diminished by the UK splitting into two. I’m not sure I agree: two echo chambers for the Gallowayian style of debate sounds to me like it would add up to more than double the amplification he attains now: kind of like shouting into a coastal blow-hole with a megaphone using AC/DC’s sound system.

Look out for more odd-shaped bedfellows in the coming months especially once the SNP release their white paper on independence. And weirdness on-screen too . . . will Newsnight host a debate with a Yes team of Sean Connery, a hologram of Hugh McDiarmid and whoever happens right now to be claiming to be Robert the Bruce’s descendant? Maybe have Russell Brand on too for good measure. For now though, David Cameron will look on this with a wry smile but come a post-referendum defeat for Unionism then look to see the Galloways of the world turn their ire on the Tories with even more spite than usual as they seek scapegoats for a splt.




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