Back to Life, Soul to Soul

This song was a staple back in Southsea’s clubs in the late eighties — if you were a regular at Peggy Sues, 5th Avenue or (shudder) Joanna’s then you would have heard this many times in an evening. They had global reach too you know . . ? Oh yes, read on . . . I was working in the Horseshoe bar in Southsea (later “Shoes”, even later demolished) when a sailor from a US sub walked in. This sounds like the start to a bad joke but it’s actually pretty common in Portsmouth once a vessel has docked to see thousands of sailors walking around lost and looking for bars, although if you knew Portsmouth in 1990 then you wouldn’t have gone into the Horseshoe, it was run by Aussie Henry and his British wife valiantly trying to lift it but despite their efforts it seemed to attract a weird kind of clientele. I digress . . . This sailor was in a hurry, he was on the way to the train station heading up to London and he wanted to know where Jazzie B’s shop was. Now I was aware that the founding member of Soul had a shop — I used to read Q magazine quite a lot in those days before they went Michael Stipe crazy (later list crazy and yet later just shit) — and I knew it was in London but sadly couldn’t help the guy out. I hope he found it. According to the Guardian Jazzie B is still in the fashion biz even today.






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  1. Weird Horseshoe Client on December 19, 2013 3:54 pm

    Horseshoe bar is now an estate agency for student lettings if my memory serves me right after last visit down to Southsea this summer.

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