Ana Marie Cox over at Congressional Quarterly has the best take on Sarah Palin I’ve yet read:

The McCain campaign has found a way not to be accused of beating up a puppy: They sent a kitten to do it.

After that lacklustre speech by McCain, would we now be talking about ‘neck-and-neck’ polls if said speech had been preceded by say, a Romney or Pawlenty vice presidential speech? Somehow I doubt it. As the BBC’s very wise Rob Watson has informed me, this election is Obama’s to lose. But McCain is clinging on . . .

In poker terms McCain started out bad . . . let’s say with an 8,2 off suit against Obama’s pocket deuces (AA).

Biden getting the Dem Veep ticket as expected has flopped McCain a 2, K, A, leaving him the worst pair imaginable and Obama holding impregnable triple Aces (Hillary on the ticket would NOT have been as good a hand). Palin was the turn McCain needed and has given him another 2 but at the same time the fact that she brings ‘known unknowns’ (like possible foreign policy gaffes) is a plus for Obama. . . so the Hawaiian sits like a rock with a strong hand.

. . . . so between now and the election McCain needs a miracle 2 on the river to crack Obama’s Aces full of 2s . . . . incredibly unlikely and very exciting for all us watchers . . . not forgetting that there’s still an Ace somewhere in the pack that just can’t help but turn blue if it shows . . . roll on November.


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