Spandau Ballet, True

It’s hard to call something rediscovered when it’s on constant repeat on Magic FM, Heart FM and all those weird music channels at the nether regions of the Freesat range. ‘True’ is another track I was aware of while at school but would rather be dead than admit to liking. The gals at my old school on the other hand were well ahead of the game; Spandau and Depeche Mode all featuring strongly as I recall in their collections. Proof again that women mature earlier than men. A few years ago Gary Kemp who wrote this song came into the world Service to be interviewed by Newshour on  the occasion of some rather dubious milestone being reached (10K plays on US radio I think) and he was the epitome of the polite and cultured rock star. He answered all of James Menendez’s questions with good grace (even the one about how much cash this gem of a song has raked in) and as I was showing him out he even asked to be allowed to walk around Bush House for a bit to check out the architecture.


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