Q Magazine’s great feature of the early nineties was “Who the Hell . . “. Anyone over thirty with an interest in music will remember its scathing brilliance. It’s been revived with the November edition of Q . . alas, things ain’t what they used to be.

I spent a large part of the 80s and early 90s buying Q because of “Who The Hell . . .” the desire to see the pompous get not just pricked but kicked, shafted and mocked was an overwhelming monthly urge. The Ringo Starr defenestration will live long in my memory as I suspect it will for the four-chinned, scouse engine-voicer. Alas, I threw out all my old Qs a year ago and just hours later realised the crime I’d just committed. So it was great to see WTH return . . . but dude, talk about defanged.

Michael Odell is plainly an established journalist with a career to think about. If he wasn’t then he’d have no qualms about getting medieval on Will Self’s ass. Instead we get a hagiographic jizz-fest including the Cartlandesque “I look at the rather handsome Will Self” . . . Come on son, get with the programme, sit down in a dark room with every Q Mag from 1991 don your Kruger-glove and bone up on how to do down.

Alternatively, give the gig to an near-clinically insane, unconnected writer just below the level of journalistic amoeba who likes to burn bridges even before he’s crossed em . . . now where woud you find such a person?

If anyone has copy of the old WTH columns then please post links or send me text . . .


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