Urge Overkill, Girl you’ll Be a Woman

For many, myself included, I first heard Urge Overkill on the Pulp Fiction soundtrack playing this Neil Diamond cover. A few months after Pulp came out in the UK I caught them playing this track live on the BBC one night, a great performance which some kind soul has uploaded here. I thought singer Nash Kato had just the right mix of cool and menace so I went out and grabbed an album from HMV on Oxford Street…can’t recall its title but it came in luscious thick red vinyl and looked and sounded great even on my crap record player. The style was very garagey and kind of rough around the edges, songs like “Crackbabies” and “Night and Grey” (or was it “Night and Day”?) stick in my mind today, the latter has a great burst of neck-pickup guitar towards the centre which I’ve spent years trying in vain to recreate. I think they split some years ago which means time must be ripe for a reunion . . . don’t forget us here in the UK guys!


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