Rediscovered track of the month: Apr ’16

White Town, I Could Never be Your woman

I don’t recall how I came across this track but living in Germany back in the late nineties you couldn’t escape Brit-Pop: from local radio (Eins Live Ponyhof!) to the retro, stripey jumpers that suddenly popped up in the staid Duesseldorf shops it seemed the influence of Daman, Liam et al was everywhere. So no surprise really that this more electronic example of those fecund years should have filtered down. Thanks to the power of the internet I am delighted to report that the author of this gem of a one-hit-wonder Jyoti Mishra, is not only alive and well but is still recording.




One Response to “Rediscovered track of the month: Apr ’16”
  1. moi says:

    Great song – I’m always amazed at how you remember them. I love the lyrics too – he he!

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