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Berlin punk with a raw edge and Clash-style attitude. The Beatsteaks have the gonzo, falling-down-the-stairs style of Faith No More circa Epic (without the rap) and the belting, directness of Dave Grohl on a good day (and Mr. Grohl has few bad days).

This is no surprise when you consider this energetic powerhouse of a band has supported both the aforementioned established acts; plus in Germany they’re also good pals with Die Toten Hosen. It’s fair to say that the Beatsteaks’ sound lies somewhere between the three with a good dose of choppy, grungey riffs thrown in for good measure – best example being ‘Atomic Love’.

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Forceful, honest, rock n’ roll. Standout tracks : ‘Hello Joe’ (a tribute to Joe Strummer), ‘Ain’t complainin’, ‘Hand in Hand’.

The Beatsteaks have been around for about 10 years now and, despite what it says on their website, their English is excellent. Singer Arnim goes in for the Campino style of throaty rasp – which is to say an excellent punk voice which he can twist into some weird and wonderful contortions as and when desired – see ‘Monster’.


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