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Monta’s debut album opens with the languid guitar intro of ‘Farewell Dear Ghost’ which reminded me instantly of any number of Zeppelinesque accoustic songs but right there any further comparison to 70’s super rock must end.

monta_wcb.jpg3 starsWhere Circles Begin

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Relaxing accoustic work with moody and dramatic keyboards. Standout tracks : ‘Reasons’, ‘I’m Sorry’.

Monta is essentially Münich-based musician Tobias Kuhn and on ‘Where Circles Begin’ Mr. Kuhn purveys the kind of sparse ambient with a cerebral touch that has made Elliot Smith so popular. Monta isn’t afraid of a bit of melody either, with the whole effect enhanced greatly by the type of silky vocals that just seem to ooze lazy days bumming around with your toes in the sand on Huntingdon beach. Despite roots in europe, Monta, like The Thrills, have managed to capture smooth California vibes by the bucketload, see ‘Reasons’ for a brilliant example.

I listened to this CD a few times on a recent long car journey and believe me it’s a grower.


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