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Paula was Berlin duo classically-trained Elke Brauweiler and ex-drummer Berend Intelman but from what I can see on the web Intelman has ‘kind of’ left but still retains some songwriting role of some kind.

Anyhow, I remember Lousie Wener a decade ago sporting a T-shirt with ‘Yet Another Female Fronted Band’ on it. The era of such bands may well have long since passed into super-ironic up-its-own-arsedness but, as I mentioned before, in Germany they’re doing these things fresh, anew and with their own uniquely Teutonic take.

paula.jpgRuhig Blut

(Calm Blood, 90% native)

This is the fourth offering from Paula. Syrupy lyrics and vocals wrapped up in summery pop. Standout tracks: ‘Ich Vermisse Dich’ (I Miss You), ‘Grün’ (Green).

Ruhig Blut is pretty inoffensive example of the genre featuring sweet (sometimes oversweet), and suspiciously super-breathy vocals all washed down with some reliably chunky guitar clanging. The album bears repeated playing – the tracks do grow on you especially the magical Grün – but Ruhig Blut, for all its melancholy beauty, is simply a little too straight-down-the-line for my tastes.

A great intoduction to Kraut Pop for any British Dido fans thinking of dipping their toe in. However, watch out for track 7, where Miss Brauweiler sings in something akin to French, it’s pants.


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