We just interviewed Alain Robert on World Update. He’d jut been released by the Malay authorities after this little stunt he pulled  a couple of days ago.

Thirteen years after he first tried, Alain Robert conquers the Petronas Towers.

What was funny was that he actually expects to be arrested at the top of every building he climbs, but with the Petronas towers humans can only go as high as floor 88 and anyway there isn’t really any exit onto a roof as such . . . so after scaling the spire’s big ball and then the spire and then the little ball . . Alain had a problem: how to get down? A point pressed by our presenter Dan Damon which resulted in a wonderful indignant tone from Alain:

AR: OK, it’s cool to go to the top but then after that I need to climb down.

DD: You didn’t get the lift down?

AR: No, no, no . . I . . what . . what do you mean?

DD: You didn’t just go through a window and then come down the stairs?

AR: No climbing like this by the outside.

By the way, he said only the Sears Tower was harder than this.

Of course it was no problem for him to climb all the way back down.

Alain Robert rules. He makes the small climbs I used to do in Pembrokeshire, Wales and down at Swanage seem pathetic by comparison.


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