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Quite simply Slut take themselves far too seriously. Soundwise they’ve the deadpan delivery of Joy Division which they occasionally carry off very well (Homesick being a good example) but more often than not, like our own Muse, Slut are the wrong side of monotonous with none of the quirky charm of other low-fi type bands like say, The Electric Soft Parade.

slut.jpg2 starsAll We Need is Silence

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Standout tracks : ‘Homesick’, ‘Lost Emotion’.

The powerful ‘Homesick’ and ‘Lost Emotion’ excepted, Slut drone on in over-earnest clanging and to be honest, rather pompous lyrics – ‘Wasted’ being by far the worst offender of this genre I’ve heard in a long while.

However, if Muse record sales are any indicator, this dreary combination is downright appealing to many folks. For me however, it’s pretty uninspiring stuff. If I were you Dear Reader, then take this album’s title quite literally.


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