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A great post from Spotify’s boss Daniel Ek.

I think that by increasing the streams to the trillions on a monthly basis that we can take big chunks of people and move them from illegal file-sharing services to legal services.

Trillions!! I already experience degraded Spotify streaming performance in the evenings here in central London . . . I’m pretty sure it’s congestion at the local end because it’s fine at any other time of day. Is the net ready for trillions of streams? The boss of AT & T in the US has a message for bandwidth hoggers (aka iPhone users): “Speed and spectrum limitations can allow a few data greedy customers to ruin to for everybody else”.

Trillions? Ambitious, yes. Hopeful, yes. Unrealistic . . .maybe . . but expect to pay for it if the corps have their way and net neutrality is thrown out the window.

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