A new home system. Built 10 years after my old one.

1999: No-name chassis, 250 W PSU, ASUS P2B-LS, Intel PII 300, 500Mb RAM, VGA CARD, IDE Drive, Soundblaster 16, ISDN Card, Modem, Ethernet card, Windows XP — £500

2009: Lan li chassis, 850 W PSU, ASUS P6T V2 Deluxe, Intel Corei7 950, 6Gb RAM, Palit GeForce GTX 275, onboard sound, DLINK Wireless card, Windows 7 64 (TBC) — £1.100

Still to come for the 2009 system is a solid-state disk and a Blu-Ray/Lightscribe drive which will take the cost up to £1,300. Pricey, yes. . .  But I reckon that for about three times the cost of 10 years ago I’ve got more than three times the functionality. The Corei7 was probably overkill but for processing large audio and video I thought it was necessary.

Part II — coming soon . . . speed test on Windows 7 boot up and SuSE 11 testing.

Palit GeForce GTX 275.


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