Lily Livered Lille

February 21, 2007 | Leave a Comment

It’s become very unfashionable in the MSM in recent times to talk of physical courage or the lack of it. Your typical chin-stroking ((c) Mark Sandell) pundit will dash off a 3,000-word article on the nature of moral cowardice in a jiffy but when it comes to facing up to adversity in the physical sense we don’t hear a lot about it.

So all hail Lille FC who last night in a football match against Manchester United proved that collective wilting and defeatist groupthink is alive and well.

After losing a late goal in a mildly controversial manner (Man U took a free kick a nanosecond earlier than Lille expected) the French team, under active encouragement from their coaches on the sidelines, started to walk off.


Sir Alex was right: “That’s not football”.

It’s pure brown trousers.


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