BBC Bias?

February 22, 2007 | Leave a Comment

For some reason BBC bias has become a hot topic right now in the UK. I think it’s because this ex-BBC employee has a new book out criticising the Beeb. He’s featuring heavily over at too.

As a newcomer to this illustrious organisation I have to say my first impressions are that the Beeb get its right. There’s one very, very easy way to verify this.

Working on some of the more interactive hidey-holes within the BBC I get to see at first hand what folks think of it via the myriad blog posts, e-Mails and SMS’ we receive. And I can assure you for every Ann Coulter . . .


The BBC is a biased leftie-ridden hell-hole full of anti-Bush morons!


. . . there’s a Robert Fisk . . .


The BBC is a biased neo-con ridden hell-hole full of Bush supporting morons.

Both two sides of the same coin and both in their own unique way seeing things through their own viewpoint.

That, Dear Reader, more than anything else tells you the BBC is getting it right. Although I must be honest, when it comes to newspapers I do see a great deal of Guardians.


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