Should homosexuals face execution?

It’s a controversial question which cropped up yesterday here in the World Service. It’s the title of a debate which Africa Have Your Say was planning to air at 4pm & it’s a topic which has made the HuffPo and the Guardian.


Of course, nobody is suggesting this is what the BBC thinks. It’s what a certain lawmaker in Uganda thinks. The BBc has already apologised. Was the Beeb right to word it in this way?


2 Responses to “Should homosexuals face execution?”
  1. It was a very strange debate Paul, and it managed to drag some strange people out of the woodwork. In some ways it was interesting to see some of the more extreme positions, just to remind you there are people like that in the world.

    I’m not so sure it was a good idea for the BBC to host that particular HYS. Just by asking the question does lend some of the BBC reputation to the discussion – something I don’t think the BBC should be doing. It lent a certain credibility to the subject, as if the extremists had a valid point to make when saying gay people should be executed.

  2. pcoletti says:

    Most here in the Beeb would agree with you Pete . . here’s the editors’ response:

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