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Wolfsheim are Hamburg-based duo, Markus Reinhardt and Pompejo Ricciardi who peddle a distinctly German version of moody electronica. According to their official web-site the band’s moniker is taken from Meyer Wolfsheim – a none-too-savoury character from Scott Fitz’s The Great Gatsby – an odd choice for a band name but each to their own.

spect1.jpg3 starsSpectators

(10% native)

Not what I’d call an uplifting album but not without it’s high points. Standout tracks : Once in a Lifetime.

Wolfsheim peddle the type of electronic music that is just the wrong side of moody to be played in a club or party but vibrant enough not to be dismissed as glum-laden self-indulgence. The lyrics (on Spectators 10 out of the 11 tracks are in English) are pretty intense as evidenced on ‘Heroin, She Said’. The overall feel after listening to ‘Spectators’ is one of having just been subjected to an hour-long lecture on inner-city social deprivation delivered by a particularly angst-ridden grey-suited public official from the ministry of Getting You Down.

If you were fan of the Human League’s synthy throbbing beats and you like the deadpan delivery of Pet Shop Boy Neil Tenant then go for it.


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