I just tried to install the WordPress 2 app for the iPod touch. I’m running 2.2.1 of the iPiod touch OS and itunes tells me I need a newer version of the iPod touch software. I go to iTunes and update and it tells me the current version is 3.1.2 for £2.99.


On the 18th Aug 2008 I purchased iPhone 2.0 SW for £5.00 . . you needed to do that to install iPod apps from the appstore.

Now Apple wants a further £2.99 in order for me to update my software to 3.1.2 so that I can get . . yes, an app from the appstore.

Very unreasonable and reminiscent of IBM old rubber-band practices of the late 60s where big blue used to charge customers a greta deal for an upgrade to what were then called tabulating machines. Once the grumbling customer paid up an IBM salesman would come round, open up the machine and reconfigure a rubber band to go over different cogs. Voila! the customer’s machine was “upgraded”.

I remember Mr Jobs saying in 2008 when the iPod Touch software update first came out “we’r enot trying to make money out of this” . . .  It’s starting to look like that might be changing.


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