Whatever happened to Caimbo?


Electric Dreams Album Sampler cover

Electric Dreams Album Sampler cover

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It’s very common for bands to form, release a few tracks and then disappear. To do so however, while leaving barely a graze mark on the Internet is — in today’s world — highly unusual to say the least. But that’s what seems to have happened to Caimbo as far as I can tell from some light Googling.

Many moons ago I used to write for a London freesheet called London Tourdates (latterly just LTD). Every week or so a CD would hit my doorstep with a note from Barnaby the editor asking for a coupla’ hundred words or so on the contents. It wasn’t particularly enjoyable and certainly wasn’t lucrative. By definition the next-big-thing hovers perpetually around that fine line of total obscurity and dazzling fame. Very few pass over and for good reason — most are just not up to scratch. Even the ones I thought were pretty good came to zilch. The ‘Caimbo Electric Dreams Album Sampler’ arrived out of sync from the usual postal routine and with no note. I remember it well because rock n roll wasn’t Barnaby’s thing and — despite his best efforts to do otherwise — he leaned the mag’s coverage towards artists he thought he might at the very least have a tiny chance of liking. I assumed he’d chucked it my way not in return for the usual 4 paragraphs but because he thought I might just like it and besides it was one less bit of clutter on his desk.

I loved it. “Blood Through my Veins” was the standout track for me but since literally rediscovering the CD at the bottom of a box I’ve come to really appreciate the rest of it. What’s unusual for a new band presumably on a budget is the production: it’s crystal clear and just very tasty. I hope the lads don’t mind me uploading one of their tracks here. It’s a bluesy number with a great uptick in the pace around 3/4 of the way through. If you listen, ask yourself: did Caimbo deserve to disappear without a trace…?





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  1. moi on October 25, 2015 7:38 pm

    No – sounded good to me. My mum enjoyed it too!

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